Chemical composition of Atmosphere Upsc

The Composition of Atmosphere are Gases, Water, Vapour and Dust Particles and the below table shows details of different gases in the air particularly in the lower atmosphere. Next, we’ll look into its chemical composition. Chemical composition of atmosphere In the atmosphere of the earth, the air is a mixture of gases that contains 78% … Read more

Depositional landforms of groundwater Upsc

Depositional landforms of groundwater A variety of depositional forms are developed within the limestone caves. The main chemical component in limestone is Calcium Carbonate. The groundwater may become saturated with Calcium bicarbonate. The Calcium bicarbonate is formed by a reaction between Carbonic acid which is present in the rainwater and the calcium carbonate present in … Read more

Erosional landforms of groundwater Upsc and features created by it

This article focuses on the work of the Erosional landforms of groundwater. If the rocks are permeable, thinly bedded, high jointed and cracked, then the water percolates well into it. After the water goes down to some depth vertically, the water under the ground flows horizontally within the bedding places, joints or within the materials … Read more

Depositional landforms of river Upsc

Depositional landforms of river The depositional landforms that formed the running waters of the river are: Alluvial Fans, Deltas, Floodplains, Natural Levees, and Point Bars, Meanders, Braided Channels The main work of the river is deposition, bed building, by which it forms the flood plains. When there is a large water flow such as floods, … Read more

Erosional landforms of River Upsc

canyons for the river erosion on the bedded sedimentary rocks

The erosional landforms of the river are River Valley Formation, Potholes and Plunge Pools, Incised or Entrenched Meanders, River Terraces, etc. Valleys The valley begins as small and narrow rills. The rills then slowly develop into long and wide gullies. Then the gullies get deepened, widened, and rise on becoming valleys. Based on the dimensions … Read more

Depositional landform of Wind Upsc

Depositional landform of Wind Upsc

Plain formed by Wind Deposition The two features that are formed by wind deposition are Sand dunes and loess deposits. The dunes are also called Aeolian Landforms. The wind is a good sorting agent. Based on the velocity of the wind, varying sizes of grains are moved along the floor by saltation, or by rolling, … Read more

Depositional landforms of sea waves Upsc

Depositional landforms of sea waves Important depositional landforms of sea waves are sea beaches, bars, barriers, splits, offshore, etc. Beaches and Dunes Beaches Beaches are characteristic of shorelines that are dominated by deposition but may occur as patches along even the rugged shores. Most of the sediment making up the beaches comes from land carried … Read more

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