Heating and cooling of atmosphere Upsc

Heating and cooling of atmosphere Upsc

Heating and cooling of atmosphere The heating and cooling of the atmosphere happen in the atmosphere in different ways. The earth gets heated due to insolation. Then it transmits the heat using the long waveform to its nearest layer of the atmosphere. The Air which is in contact with land gets heated slowly. Also, the … Read more

Composition and structure of the atmosphere Upsc

Structure of atmosphere The atmosphere consists of different layers with different temperatures and densities. The density of the atmosphere is highest at the surface of the earth and as the altitude increases the density of the atmosphere decreases. The column of the atmosphere has five different layers depending upon the condition of the temperature and … Read more

Chemical composition of Atmosphere Upsc

The Composition of Atmosphere are Gases, Water, Vapour and Dust Particles and the below table shows details of different gases in the air particularly in the lower atmosphere. Next, we’ll look into its chemical composition. Chemical composition of atmosphere In the atmosphere of the earth, the air is a mixture of gases that contains 78% … Read more

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