Most Amazing Science and Engineering Invention Breakthrough in the History

” I Fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have generation of Idiots”. This is famous quote said by a genius and his name is Albert Einstein. This went on become a great truth in 2016.

A Smartphone loaded with tons of features is still not enough for current generation of youth and they still need more to become more lazy and they criticize the Smartphone manufacture for not doing this and not having that.

Do you know that the processors which are used in the smartphones these days are faster than the processor which are used in the mainframes twenty years ago and faster that processor which are used in the work stations five-year ago.

And Still people more speed from their smartphone.

These discovery in the technology begun mostly from later part eighteenth century when Royal Church of England broke that the law that are against the Inventions and against the Inventors.

More than Ninety percentage of the things that exist today in the field of Medicine,Engineering or Technology has grass-roots from the Europe Continent and came successfully as a result of Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial revolution actually revolutionized the way of living today.

And as an Engineer myself and technology enthusiast I am going to list down some of the most important discovery in Science, Technology and Engineering.

First and foremost I am going to list Polio Vaccine in the list as it the most important in the field of medicine as it helped millions of children from getting affected from Polio.

Discovery of Polio vaccine in 1953-Jonas Salk

A disease that the threatened the human for centuries gave lot of pain to children physically and to their parents mentally.Thousand of people died and thousands were paralyzed by this deadly epidemic famously known as polio.

The victims were mostly the young children’s and a famous a polio victim is US president Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

During post world war the people feared of polio more than the Atomic Bomb and this disease attacked mostly in the summer.

It is a fact that polio doesn’t have any cure till date but it is only preventable. A great men named “Jonas Salk” discovered a vaccine for polio that actually stopped children from getting affected .

If you have parents and children walking ,running and playing, replace the photo of god in your home with photo of Jonas Salk.

inventor of polio vaccine jonas salk a revolution in medine

jonas salk inventor of vaccine for polio


Radio – 1895-Gugliemo Marconi (Italy), Nikola Tesla (Serbia)

There are number of facts that creates a debate in the invention of Radio or wireless technology between Nikola Tesla and Marconi. But the invention has no debate when it comes to its application of it today or in the yesteryear’s, helped in saving lot of lives during World War’s by providing News or digital era of the Smartphones , Radio or Wireless has a range of Application .

Marconi version of Radio created to send or receive Morse Code by wireless or Nicola Tesla’s version of controlling a Boat from remote place.

Nobody knows who created it first and it is none our business and remember that when you read this post in your gadget you have already used their technology.

Invention of radio Marconi and Tesla

Steam turbine – Sir Charles Parsons (United Kingdom)

This invention raised due to necessity created during the Industrial revolution of the 18 century in the Europe Continent. This invention is so important in the history of man kind because it changed the way of life for ever.

Steam turbine had its main application in Boats, Ship and industries.

By using Steam Turbine ,various industries designed their own version of Modern Machines that fastened the productivity made the human progress lot faster for ever.

The inspiration of Modern Internal Combustion Engines are Steam Turbines.

X-Rays – 1895-Wilhelm Roentgen (Germany)

It is one of the most important Engineering or invention in the field of medicine or Medical engineering.The X-Rays are one of the few things that remained us Doctors are nothing in front of Engineers.

If the Engineers wouldn’t developed the X-Ray Photography, think about the world of medicine.

Wilhelm Roentgen is yet another German Engineer and Physicist, who discovered High frequency Radio waves can penetrate Human flesh and are stopped by strong and dense particles such as Bones and Joints.

This German Engineer used a photographic plate to capture the image of human interiors which are used to study inner details, diseases, Bone fractures and helped Physicians to give better treatments.

first medical x-ray

There are a lot of Other inventions such as Electric Lamp, Computer, Integrated Circuits,Camera etc but these inventions which I feel has less important over the inventions above so i have not listed it above.

Yes Electric Lamp is an important invention in the history but i have already placed in the inventor of electric above in the list (Nicola Tesla).

If you think of any other important invention that changed the history comment below.


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