Latest Gmail feature that warn Users about Messages from Secure less connections


Google announced it latest plan for Gmail and its security features.

According to Google,about 90% of emails received in Gmail are secure and there are malicious Email are received to Users Gmail accounts.These Emails are sent via special DNS server intended to attack end users account.

These Malicious emails do steal user private details associated with mail accounts  of particular users.

In order to prevent all kinds of security threats ,Google is going warn its Gmail users when they receive a message from a insecure sources or from a non encrypted messages.

This feature is not there  at present but in coming months this feature will be available in Gmail and business mail accounts associated with Google.

In order to identify the security issues  ,Google partnered with the research teams of University of Michigan and the University of Illinois to develop its new security feature.

This new feature ensures its end users a safe place for their Emails.
Gmail to warn its user when they receive email insecure sources

According to Google the emails sent from Non Gmail Users from 2013 to 2015 increased by almost 28% from 33% to 61% and 20% increase in email sent from Gmail to Non Gmail accounts.

In order to fight against increased email transaction in Google Mail services from other email services,the company is going to alert its users regarding the safety of their emails.


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