India’s Greatest Engineering that the World Admires

List of Greatest Engineering of India

1.Taj Mahal

It is one of the seven wonder’s of world and arguably the most beautiful man-made structure in the world. It is in the list of World Wonder for not only because it is beautiful and for its greatest engineering and craftsmanship.

The Taj Mahal is build as symbol of love by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

It took 22 year to construct this Engineering Marvel by thousands of Engineers, Architects, craftsman’s and also thousands of elephants.

The beauty this world wonder is Engineering perfection of Tomb, Dome and its Pillar. The design of Taj Mahal is inspired by Mughal style Engineering.

The use of precious materials such White Marble, Ruby, Emerald for its construction and its great construction while Taj Mahal one of the greatest Engineering marvels of India.

Greatest Engineering of India Taj Mahal
2.Tanjore Temple

Constructed by Chola Emperor in 985 AD is sadly not part of World Wonder. This is the best example of South India Architecture and Engineering. The temple dedicated to lord Shiva constructed using Granite Stone.

The Tanjore temple’s engineering is one of the best Engineering of India as Single Carved stone of 81 tons is placed over the 68.4 meter tower by using 6 Km long inclined plane using Hundred’s of Elephants and thousand of Men in a time where there is no construction cranes available.

Another thing about is construction is use of Granite stones but the fact there no granite stones in 600 km circle of Tanjore and every single stone block used for is construction weighs several tons and maximum of 81 tons.

So the engineers used several thousand elephants for transportation and construction.

There are several great engineering stuffs associated with its temple, such as Whole construction is done without using any binding material and the only construction in the world where the shadow of building never falls on the ground at noon at any season.

This is because the basement is so large as a result all the shadow on itself and not on the ground during noon.

This may not be possible without great engineering by Indians of Ancient times. As a result of such a great Engineering it now part World Heritage Sites.

Greatest Engineering of India Tanjore Temple

3.Indian Electronic Voting Machine

The India Electronic Voting Machine designed and developed by Sujatha Rangarajan and his colleagues  is considered as one of greatest engineering innovation for a country like India.

As several million voters participate in casting votes and it gets very complex when counting these votes which involves several thousand employees. Due to this huge numbers violation and errors may occur in large scale.

Printing, Protecting and transporting of billion Ballot papers is such a complex task and involves several hundred millions of rupees. In order to prevent all these difficulties Indian Electronic Voting Machines were developed.

It may look like simple counting machine but it is very complex. As in Country like India were forgeries were very common these machines were engineered in such a manner where there is no chance of altering, deletion of vote details is possible.

Several experts and engineers across the world tried to find bugs in the Indian Electronic Voting Machine but sadly everyone failed to find concrete evidence of bug in the machine.

As a result the Indian Electronic Voting Machine is used across the Indian nation and in several countries.

Made at a mere cost of 4000 to 5000 rupees that could withstand all the forgeries and decides the fate of Billion Indians is truly a greatest engineering of India.

greatest engineering of India Electronic Voting Machine
4.Kallanai Dam

It is oldest living Dam in the World which is constructed in 2nd century AD by Chola Emperor Karikalan. The Dam is constructed primarily to control floods in Kaveri river in Tajore district of Tamil Nadu.

It is one of greatest achievements of Engineers as it is still standing strongly in a river which prone to floods for more than 2000 years.

The solidity and rigidity of the name can be understood from its name itself “Kallanai”,which mean dam constructed by strong big stones.

The construction of Kallanai is made by depositing several layer of huge blocks of granites in the river basin when there is no water flow possibly during summer by using thousand of elephants.

During the water flow in the river these huge blocks of stone were buried in the river basin due to soil erosion caused by water flow.

By continuing this process for several years a strong base is built on the river basin of Kaveri over which a strong Dam has been constructed which stand for over 2000 years.

A construction which stands on a huge river for over 2000 years is not a joke. It is not only greatest engineering marvel of India but definitely the best in the world.

I had listed down only four greatest engineering of India in the coming days I’ll add more, use the comment section to remind me any greatest engineering of India which I had left out.

greatest engineering of India kallanai

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