The Start of Generation of smartphone by Apple and Samsung

Smartphone started to exist in early 2000’s.The early smartphones released by Siemens,Blackberry,Nokia,Motorola etc.The term smartphones were kept to the phones that has Internet facility ,basically to check emails and soon phones equipped with GPS and browsers in it.

But that is not the start of generation of smartphone until Apple released its first Iphone in 2007.Suddenly everything started to change in Mobile Computing Industries because it is not a ordinary phone that has same feature from 2000’s but it has something very much different, innovative and way ahead of its time.

Things that Made Iphone a true Smartphone and Start of Generation of Smartphone Era

start of Generation of smartphone with release of Iphone

At 2007 or before there were already so called High end smartphone that has Memory Card,Camera,Internet but it has nothing to deal with Processors,Ram,Multitasking,Networking etc associated with the features of Personal Computers.

They were just a Mobile Phone which is equipped with Camera to take photo and memory card to store multimedia files and then Bluetooth or infrared to share it.

But Iphone is way different from earlier smartphones.

As Iphone built with features of Personal Computer such as important for Operating System, Processors, Ram, Networking, Multitasking, Multiprocessing ,Networking same as  PC and Laptop by equipping Iphone with Wi-Fi receivers and with high-resolution display which is something only associated with Personal Computers.

By Doing So Apple built the first ever true smart phone.

The result of this ,the Apple Iphone is instant hit in the market and questioned the smart phone capabilities of other manufactures mainly Nokia and Blackberry.

The market status of Iphone increased dramatically and the fate of other manufactures becomes bad.

In next quarter after Iphone release,Blackberry and Nokia suffered heavy losses worldwide and the hero of Smartphone market for the future already arrived.

Start of generation of Feature Rich and Budget Smartphones

start of Generation of feature rich budget smartphone with release of Samsung of Galaxy S

Yes Iphone was on the top of the World and its has started an era of new generation of smartphone.There are so many advantages and innovative features associated with Iphone.

The Only disadvantage of Apple’s Iphone is its cost.

The cost of the Iphone is too high and it is only affordable for Rich people especially in the Asia and Africa continent.

The middle class and poor cannot even imagine an Iphone because of its cost and people started to search google for Iphone alternative with same features of Iphone and with less cost.

The Google had an answer for it.

The Google started to show results of Android beta release and soon Google association with HTC and developed first Smartphone with Android OS known as HTC Dream.

The alternative for Iphone started to hit the doors of smart phone market.

HTC dream does not have same features of Iphone but it is the start of feature rich smart phone and Iphone market never affected from HTC Dream.

Soon in 2009,a Television and home appliance manufacturer from South Korea released its first Android Powered Smartphone with rich features and almost four times less price than the Iphone and Samsung enjoyed good success in the Smartphone market and still Iphone market going strong.

In early 2010,everything started to change for Apple and Samsung as Samsung released its flagship phone naming it as Galaxy Series and released Galaxy S2,which has much more features and comes with half the price of Iphone.

After the release of Galaxy S Series ,Apple started to feel the heat from Samsung due its sales higher than that of IPhone.

Due to Samsung exceeding the sales of Iphone,Apple started to file several cases against Samsung of copyright issues.It had started a new rivalry.

By 2012 ,Samsung has become number one smart phone maker in the world and Galaxy series phone touched high and low-budget users.

By 2013 several Chinese and Indian smart phone started to give stiff competition to Apple and Samsung and price of feature rich smart phone went on become as low as 80$ in the Asian Market.

After all these years,the credit has to go to Apple for making a true smart phone and Samsung to cut the price of feature rich smartphone.

Today every one has at least one smart phone with them and credits for Apple and Samsung for making it to happen.





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