Enemies Nightmare and trump card of USAF: B2 Stealth Bomber

B2-stealth-Bomber in Air

B2 Stealth Bomber designed primarily to penetrate enemies fence without leaving single trace to enemies Radar or any enemy detection technologies.

The US Air-force designed B2 Stealth Bomber in the 80’s as a result of Cold with the Russians.

The design is heavily inspired or frankly copied from Nazi’s Stealth technologies Horten Ho 229 designed during later stages of World War 2.

The Germans basically designed Horten Ho 229 to penetrate enemies Radar and to carry 1000 Kg of Weapons to maximum distance of 1000 Kilometers.That is Horten Ho 229 designed to hit Washington and return to Berlin without refueling.

Sadly the Nazi’s defeated by the Allies before they mass-produced the Horten Ho 229.

But the concept,design and Engineering of Horten Ho 229 is ahead of its time which inspired US Aeronautical Engineers to design B-2 Stealth Bombers.

Concept,Design and Engineering of B2 Stealth Bomber

As said earlier the concept of B2 Stealth Bomber are bases on Nazi’s Horten Ho 229.The B2 Stealth Bomber designed to penetrate the enemies fortress and to carry Nukes and to escape the Radar of the enemies.
It has no tail or so-called Fuselage in terms of Aeronautical Engineers.

Reason for Fuselage less Design of B2 Stealth Bomber

B2 Stealth Bomber  designed such that its Horizontal edges are sharp and thin so that its Radar signal scatter without gets reflected from its edges as a result of this it gets undetected from the Radar.

But if it uses Fuselage,it gives enough space to get Radar Signals reflected back as a result it gets detected by the Radar signals.

In order to get invisible from the Radars ,the Fuselage is not part of the design in B2 Stealth Bomber.

The B2 Stealth Bomber user F118-GE-100 engines where GE stands for General Electrics.There are four Engines placed deep inside Aircraft to get undetected from down ground Radars.

Each engine has maximum trust of 7847 Kilograms that gives maximum operational speed up to 1100 Kph and it can loiter the enemy’s territory maximum of 6000 Km without refueling.

The maximum altitude the B2 stealth Bomber can work is 15 km.It can be used to carry Nukes and other weapons into enemies territories without any trace.

It is not only invisible to Radar but also other Radio detection methods by using various Radar absorbent materials and Infrared Sensors by cooling its surface by passing cold air.

B2 Bombers painted black as a result it gets difficult to see through naked eye and difficult to hear the sound as the engines buried deep inside the fuselage and covered with sound absorbents.

B2 Stealth Bombers are not completely Stealth,as the Aircraft detected by the Radars when flying through specific angles giving Radar Signals an opportunity to get detected and it also detected by radar when firing the bomb as the door open when firing missiles.

Cockpit Design


B2 Stealth Bomber is a two seated Aircraft and semi automated.It has a bed so that one pilot can sleep alternatively throughout the mission and other can control the Aircraft.

It also has a Toilet and a place to prepare hot meals.According to latest news the B2 bombers designed to support three crew members.

Whatever the disadvantage of B2 Stealth Bomber might have,its engineering innovation stands tall and it is great heavy bomber in the world ,which is a greatest treat to its enemies.


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