Adaptiv invisibility cloak :A new Era of Invisible Modern Warfare

Adaptiv invisibility cloak is a technology that cheats Infrared Vision used in Military during nights. It is developed by BAE Systems,second largest Military contractor in World.Adaptiv uses active camouflage that protects Military equipment’s and vehicles by creating a illusion like Natural objects such as Big Rock or a shape of Car.

When viewed using Military Night Visions that uses Infrared technology to view objects in Night,a Tank fitted with Adaptiv Panels may look like a car or Aircraft Carrier may look like a fishing boat.

This projects Military vehicle from enemies vision and to strike enemies easily at Dark.

Engineering Behind Adaptiv Invisibility Cloak

It is similar technology to thermal TV,the Armored Vehicles and  Military vehicles are covered with thousands of Hexagonal Peltier plates and the Infrared camera in the vehicles captures the surrounding of the vehicles continuously.

The Adaptiv panels mimics different images by rapid heating and cooling of its Hexagonal plated.When there is a need to mimic a image of a car Hexagonal Peltier plates gets rapidly heated in shape of car and rest of them get cooled rapidly to provide dark background .

Infrared camera continuously captures surrounding images even when the vehicle moves, and the Peltier plates display surrounding images like a television so it give a natural background like impression to the enemies

The image of car or a rock is reproduced whenever the Adaptiv active vehicle is in enemies territory.Control unit of Adaptiv consists of library of Images of various Domestic vehicles and natural objects. These images are used to mimic the shape of normal public objects.

Adaptive Invisible Military Vehicles

The above image is a demo of Adaptiv invisibility cloak Engineering.The image on the left is a Armored Vehicle in which Adaptiv mode is inactive so the original image of Armored vehicle is seen via Infrared visions.

adaptiv invisibility cloak technology used in Helicopter

Next the image on the right side is a armored vehicle in which Adaptiv invisibility cloak mode is active and resembles a image of car when viewed through infrared vision.

This kind of technology is very much useful in Modern warfare where the usage of Night Vision Glasses are very Common and this could be the start of the invisible warfare of the future.It is currently part of US-Army

This Greatest Engineering from BAE System is a great innovation for the future of Defense.


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